Wren-A-Roo Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Wren had two great training sessions this week. Both were sessions that took advantage of unplanned events. Wren amazed me yet again. The first training session was Service Dog work in the grocery store. Wren went into the store steady and calm as usual. I chatted with a couple of people and Wren waited patiently.… Continue reading Wren-A-Roo Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Impressionable Puppies

        Sumac Grant-Johnson CPDT-KA In the Beginning – Puppy parents are the launch pad for every puppy. Puppy parents pass along DNA carrying not only visible appearance and breed characteristics but health and behavior traits to their offspring. When they are chosen with care and knowledge puppies are likely to receive strong… Continue reading Impressionable Puppies

Loving and Lovable to Project or Dangerous

Sumac Grant-Johnson CPDT-KA How wonderful to bring a dog into ones life/family. A sweet loving and lovable companion. A pal that is a joy to both live with and take out and about into the community. Lately the news has had several reports of serious dog aggression incidents. It is important to understand that not… Continue reading Loving and Lovable to Project or Dangerous

Should I stay or should I go?

Sumac Grant-Johnson CPDT-KA I recently read an article about the tough decision most dog trainers have faced. Do I leave or do I stay? There are so many angles and challenges that go into deciding to stay or to leave an event. It is often not easy!!! Social pressure (real or self imposed) and insecurity can… Continue reading Should I stay or should I go?

Selecting a Dog Trainer

By Sumac Grant-Johnson CPDT-KA               Dogs can be such wonderful companions, enriching our lives with very special relationships. They are great pals to hang out with, share walks with, pursue adventures with and/or as teammates in dog sports. All this starts with training. Training basic manners and skills will… Continue reading Selecting a Dog Trainer